Developing project; Secret Generations


I’m investigating and imagining how cryptic camouflage in living organisms might evolve & adapt to the ways humans are changing our environment, and exploring parallels in how humans adapt or camouflage themselves. I’m asking the questions; will animals and plants in the Anthropocene epoch hide in plain sight on human made materials? Will we find new species living in our homes and cities… and on our art? And what parallels are there in how social ecosystems lead us humans to reveal or conceal facets of our identities? Can exploring these ideas make us think more deeply about our actions, both environmentally and socially?

For this project I want to expand and progress ideas in my current work on this theme in a new direction. Rather than depicting imaginary species camouflaged on existing material as in my Cryptic Cards, I want to develop material that changes during the course of the project, and imagine new species in taxonomic lineages evolving onto and in tandem with that material. There are deeper questions I want to probe through this work too. Life is nothing if not resourceful, and as humankind takes away one ecological space, it creates others. When we leave species no other choice… Will they move in with us? How might we adapt to that? Are there parallels in, for example, how I evolve with my disability? How do we camouflage ourselves, and when we feel safe to reveal information about our identities? What about things we can’t avoid revealing - how do we adapt to potentially hostile environments that we must navigate? When other humans take away spaces we feel safe in, how do we adapt? These are the ideas I want to investigate further, with the help of my sciart and disability communities. I want to make the art output accessible through online spaces used by my disabled community, as well as print/exhibition formats.

Happy Tortoise beetle vibrance.jpg
Happy Tortoise beetle 03.jpg
Happy Tortoise beetle 02 2.jpg