Following on from the Cryptic Cards, the Insecta Deck takes four taxonomic orders of insects, and creates pip-carrying imaginary species. Rather than camouflaging themselves on cards, these creatures have evolved to live colourful lives in symbiosis with players - providing suit symbols in exchange for a safe habitat on card tables.

As with Cryptic Cards, every single playing card face has a painstakingly hand-drawn design, making this my second entomological transformations deck. The drawing & preparation has taken nearly 2000 hours, and the Kickstarter to fund printing will start in mid-March. Until the crowdfunding is launched, you can get regular updates on project progress via my Patreon.

Here is a video speeded up 6x of me drawing one beetle leg on the 3 of Clubs, which features 3 Temnoscheila beetles of an imaginary card-gnawing species! The music is by Lee Rosevere. To see more artwork for the deck ahead of the Kickstarter, become a Patreon subscriber.

A collage of 9 work in progress photos, and the completed design, of a 7 of Spades playing card, featuring seven shiny metallic blue shield bugs, each with a white spade symbol on its back.