Current projects - Cryptic Alphabet

This is my current slow-burner project. It’s a deliciously detailed illuminated alphabet of cryptic camouflage. Paying homage to the myriad ways life has evolved to hide itself in plain sight, each letter depicts an animal or plant that uses mimicry or camouflage patterns to disguise itself in its natural habitat. Upper and lower case letters are being drawn, in addition to accents, which will enable complete words to be written in the Cryptic Alphabet when it is complete.

More than 25 hours of drawing compressed into 2 minutes! This is the whole process of making a pair of Cryptic Alphabet letters, from marking out through to finished drawing. Subscribers to my Patreon can see an extended version with commentary and closed captions. Music is by Lee Rosevere

Four photos showing production of a colour pencil drawing of a Kākāpō (a rare species of parrot), from graphite sketch to coloured piece, in greens & brown. The bird is in front of a capital letter K. The art is for a series called 'Cryptic Alphabet'; letters illuminated with cryptic colouration & patterns from animals/plants with names beginning with each letter, that use camouflage to avoid detection.