New page for artwork from the Connecting Brain Tumour Narratives project

There's a new page & archive for the Connecting Brain Tumour Narratives project here, which also shows all the pages in the handmade book from the residency. The book contains artwork relating to stories from brain tumour pateints, their families & friends, and scientists researching brain tumours. Details of both the exhibitions, links to all the organisations involved, and more artwork images can also be found there.

If you get a mo please check it out.

'Connecting Narratives; Ink Game #2' - An 11 x 11 array of 121 ink patterns, made of mixtures of two colours of ink - pink and blue - representing the more than 120 brain tumour types arising from two cell lineages (neuronal and glial).

For the final exhibition in this residency, ink patterns were mounted on perspex circles velcroed to a wall, which exhibition visitors could move around in order to group patterns with like features (an analogy for histopathological categorisation of brain tumours.)