Inktober 2018 - I did it!

Amazingly, for the 2nd year running this year, I managed to complete Inktober - one ink drawing a day for the whole of October. This year I was travelling for part of it, so some of the drawings are in my travel journal. I really enjoyed making them though. I even did an extra generative drawing, which I’m giving away on my Patreon at the end of November! So head over there if you want some original art in time for xmas :) Below you can find all my inktober drawings from this year. The last one is the one I’m giving away to a patron. It’s on Bristol card in Sennelier ink, & it’s made with a set of generative drawing rules I refined throughout the month.

Week 1: Morse code drawing

Week 2: Generative drawing

Week three: Travel journal

Week 4 + 2 days: More travel journaling

31st October: test of the finished generative rules, & the final piece resulting from them